Keep Believing!

Keep believing.

It’s a message I share with everyone, because it’s a message I never stop sharing with myself.   It’s a message for those times the odds seem stacked against you and your desire to have a baby has become a painful yearning, and a longing too long unanswered.

When the doubts come in, it’s that strong belief that will keep you on course to fulfilling on your commitment to have a family. As always, specific variables such as age, clinical diagnosis and so on must be considered. Resolute belief can take all those factors into account and endure.

The truth is, there’s a very fine line between continued perseverance and acknowledging that you’ve had enough and it’s time to stop.  This is such a deeply personal journey, yet shared by many.  No one can tell you the right answer for you.

I can, however offer this: so many who kept on believing no longer experience an unfulfilled yearning, because their dream of parenthood became realized. For others, there came a time when it no longer made sense to keep believing and pursuing the path to conception. Your truth is just that, yours. Don’t deny it or compare it to anyone else’s.  For those whose truth is to continue the path towards having your family and need these words of encouragement, I say – Keep believing!