Think about it…

So you’re looking for that ideal sperm donor: a former model who’s registered with Mensa and excels in everything he touches. Sound a bit over the top? Perhaps your wish list more closely resembles just finding a donor who is attractive, kind, healthy, and shares common interests. That’s certainly not over the top…right? But before you sign the contract with the cryobank, there are additional serious concerns you need to be aware of when selecting a sperm donor.

Surprisingly and unbeknownst to most, there is no regulation in the sperm donor world – not even at the cryobanks or sperm banks. Crazy, right? Thankfully, numerous media stories have been reported in recent years shining a much needed spotlight on the consequences of having zero regulation. Just give Google a quick query to populate some examples. Or better yet, you can visit http:/ to learn even more.

As it does turn out, some half siblings DO MEET unbeknownst to them, fall in love and even go on the have children. The attraction that exists between these people is known as Genetic Sexual Attraction or GSA. Some children ARE born with genetic defects despite the claims of the “rigorous genetic testing”. Some anonymous sperm donors DON’T REPORT to the cryobank any relocations, keeping their contact info up to date.  Some Anonymous sperm donors DO DECLINE a child’s request at age 18 to know where they came from. Some anonymous sperm donors DO SUFFER from mental illnesses, manage addictions, have criminal records and exaggerate their accomplishments. Donor conceived children DO BECOME ADULTS who are curious about where they come from and for some there is a longing that proves to be quite painful.

When ordering sperm from a sperm bank or cryobank you are left with many unknowns. These unanswered questions pose potentially devastating consequences.


  • Who is this person?
  • What does his energy feel like? What’s his demeanor like?
  • What does he look like?
  • Can we see up to date, real time photos or videos?
  • Is his DNA really free from genetic diseases?
  • How many half siblings will my children have?
  • Where are they located? Any chance they will meet unbeknownst to one another?
  • When my children reach the age of 18, will they be able to meet him?
  • Will the donor still be alive?
  • Kept his contact info updated?
  • Will he have the desire to meet them? Would he have changed his mind?
  • What will our children want and need from this person?
  • Shouldn’t all of our children have the basic fundamental right to obtain fuller information about their biological, cultural and social lineage?

Help end the search so many have to know where they come from

Please consider the option of a known sperm donor. Your children will thank you.

In honor of all donor conceived people, I want to help families choose responsibly, selecting a donor/recipient who is willing to give our children their most basic fundamental right, the right to obtain fuller information about their biological, cultural and social lineage. Together we can end anonymous donations at the seed level and end the search so many have to know where they come from.

If you have further questions or would like some guidance and or support, please feel free to contact me directly. I’m happy to help.